Armour Thyroid Medication Reformulation Causing Some Patients Problems

Thyroid Medication Reformulation – Some Patients Report Armour Thyroid No Longer As Effective

Patients taking the thyroid medication Armour Thyroid, which is a naturally desiccated thyroid hormone drug, are reporting problems with the medication after the manufacturer, Forest Laboratories, changed some of the fillers of the medicine.

What was reportedly changed: According to Forest Labs the only thing that has changed in the new formulation of Armour is the fillers. More specifically they say that they have increased the amount of cellulose, added cornstarch and decreased the amount of dextrose in the Armour Thyroid tablets. Unfortunately, for many thyroid patients, this change has resulted in patients reporting that their hypothyroid symptoms, or problems with too little thyroid hormone, have returned when they receive their new prescriptions filled with the new formulation of Armour.

We’ll talk more about this in upcoming articles, but what was most striking maybe the fact that I cannot find any announcements to physicians, pharmacists, or even the general public from the manufacturer, Forest Labs, advising anyone that the medication was changed.

Can you imagine how it feels to be taking the very same medication you had been taking for months or years and suddenly having symptoms start returning and then calling your doctor or pharmacist and being told that “everything is the same” with your medication when it’s not?

Stay tuned as we’ll share the story of one of our readers who had that very same experience. Thyroid medication can sometimes take months to regulate, and once you are on an optimum dose it gives many patients the feeling of having their energy and sense of self back. To suddenly lose this with no warning and then perhaps worst of all to be told that it is “all in your head” when there is really something changed with your medication is not a good thing. Another reason, dear readers, to trust your judgment when it comes to your body, your medications, and how you feel. More on Armour Thyroid and our reader’s stories coming up soon.



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16 responses to “Armour Thyroid Medication Reformulation Causing Some Patients Problems

  1. Amy Philo

    I heard about the reformulation and didn’t notice that much of a difference until recently. I had weight gain despite exercising and using the sauna and eating the same as before, hair loss, brittle nails, and fatigue. It took Armour being “unavailable” for me to do something about it. Two days into NatureThroid I feel so much better. I had to wait for two days to get it and I took some Synthroid in the mean time. Felt like crap. Armour’s bad now, but Synthroid is way worse.

  2. JOAN


  3. MaryAnn

    After reading this article, I now know why I am feeling this way. I have been taking Armour Thyroid for over 5 years now and have been doing VERY WELL with it till recently ( about 4 months now). Suddenly the weight is a constant battle again, my energy level is tanking and I’m very lethargic. I was convincing myself that it was just the letdown of getting through wedding plans for one of our children. It makes sense that it is however, most likely due in large part, with the re-formulation of Armour Thyroid. I am trying in all of this to find out further if it will go back to “the way it was” or will it come back from “backordered” status from every pharmacy I’ve been calling, with the new problematic formulation. I did notice the difference in the smell of the product back then but thought I was just getting used to the smell. Since I only have 24 pills left, my need to get my medication is urgent. I really want Armour back THE WAY IT WAS. I chose it because it worked and I don’t want to use Synthroid just because dr’s prescribe it to everyone else cause it’s easy for them…and profitable

  4. JMK62

    I just recently became aware of the changes in Armour and it was like a light switch went on. For the last year, I have felt more sluggish and tired than normal, gained some weight, felt semi-foggy headed and my hair has become thin and very dry. I didnt know what was going on, but now it all makes total sense to me. I am going to a compounding pharmacy to get my Armour or natural thyroid filled. I hope it helps!

  5. Gary

    I was diagnosed as a hypo about 3 years ago. I was put on Synthroid, but just felt awful on it. I gained about 20 lbs which I couldn’t lose no matter how much I exercised or dieted. My stomach was distended. So I went back to my PCP and she prescribed Amour. Within a couple of months I lost the weight and felt so much better. In April of this year, I suddenly started feeling wierd. To me, it felt like something attacking my body like an autoimmune condition. I was tested for antibodies, and sure enough, I was right. But I wonder now if it was due to the reformulation that took place? I also noticed, like others, that the pills just wouldn’t split neatly like they used to do. After some research, I started taking supplemental Iodine and that really seemed to help with the autoimmune symptoms.

    Fast forward to September and all of a sudden I can’t get my Amour. The same PCP does not feel comfortable prescribing a medication she has no experience with (NatureThroid or WestThroid), so puts me on Levothyroxine. I was on it for one day, and had to stop. I was having trouble breathing, felt nauseous and my heart was racing. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I decided I’d rather not take any medication than take the Levo. I found a compounding pharmacy locally and they are going to make up the Armour for me, but I worry about the future for all of us who can’t tolerate synthetic thyroid meds.


  6. Marie

    Try Nature-throid. Took a nose dive around time of Armour reformulation. So I switched over and got my life back.

  7. Maria Sanchez

    Just found out this morn when ready to pick up refill on Armour’s thyroid med that was told that there is a back order from the manufacturer’s . . . so today did not take any medication at all, and want to find out what would be the best alternative, DO NOT WANT TO TAKE ANY SYNTHETIC THYROID MED. Actually. armour’s have agreed with my system, was even on a lower dosage, because of noticeable improvement on my weight and blood pressure readings . . . waiting for primary care doctor’s call regarding feasible options. Thanks for taking my comment

  8. Maria

    I tried the erfa thyroid I have been on it about a week now after taking armour for almost a year now. At first I was doing great on armour, I thought this disease was manageable to live with finally. I was loosing weight great, I had it made. (Or so I thought)..
    Then armour changed the formulation on us. Suddenly I had the strangest symtoms. Hair loss galoore, Wacky hormone levels-they thought I had a tumor, but no I didn’t. Blurry vision, blood sugar issues, weight loss slowed down on me, luckly I was on a very strict diet and lost 126 lbs this year by forcing myself to walk even when I felt like I was dying. Had neurological problems from them changing this pill, muscle and joint pain, accompained by severe swelling, lack of appetite again, had to stop working out for months, bones cracking on me. It was awful. Then I go to pick up the prescription and found out armour was no longer available. I had no idea this pill was doing all this stuff to me, I was so scared I was dying or something. I have taken erfa for about a week now. I am loosing weight again. My hair loss has slowed down, and I have some new growth coming in. I have more energy again. I can think clear again. My bones no longer crack, and my joints are definatly feeling better. My vision is no longer blurry, and my neuro problems have almost resolved. My muscles dont burn as much. I am much happier, overall, I think its a blessing that armour was not available, forcing me to switch also gave me my life back. Thankyou Armour for removing your product from the market.

    • Ellen

      I just switched to ERFA from Canada. The Canadian Pharmacy I ordered it from calls it Armour thyroid but it’s not the same. The pills are sweet and definitely not the same brand. So, I feel a little sleepy this evening. Was on 2 grains (120 mg) of Armour and read on a website that the formulation of the Canadian stuff has just a tad less of the T3 and T4. So I’ll see if I need to go up on this a bit. It’s been so wonderful to have energy on the Armour after years of fatigue. I started taking Armour after the formulation change. Also, for those who post – please let us know what grain size the Armour tablets were that caused problems after the reformulation. I heard that the lower grain tablets didn’t cause symptoms to recur.

      I got a prescription and ordered this through discountrxmart – from Canada. Want to know others’ experiences switching to ERFA.

      • GG

        I am on 60mg a day. Split in half.
        These are not the same. I am dragging worse than on the reformulated ones.
        Best of luck.

  9. Your website came up in my research and I’m impressed by what you have composed on this topic. I am presently branching out my research and thus cannot contribute further, yet, I’ve bookmarked your site and will be returning to keep up with any inflowing updates. Simply love it and gives thanks for tolerating my remark.

  10. GG

    I was on Aromour and Unithroid for an while and was feeling sooo good after years of strugling. I was losing weight and feeling great. Well last June I noticed and made commit to my Dr. that something was wrong. Shortly after we figured out the formulation change. I was gaining weight back rapily and have been very depressed. I do not have the energy to even excercise, sound familiar? I got a new Dr. he let me get Armour from Canada. It is not working. I am like a slug. We are going to have to rethink my meds. 🙂

    • Ellen

      I have to say it took time for me to feel alive after switching from Armour to ERFA. It’s a big deal switching! But I am happily on it now. Hang in there and let it work. It takes time. That was my experience – at least a week of tiredness – maybe two.

  11. Diane

    I switched over to Erfa from Canada,because I could not take the new refomulated Armour. I am getting back to myself. The new armour was bad and I am so glad I could get Erfa don’t know what I would of done because I could not go on anymore I felt so bad.. I hope they can go back to the old armour because it really works so much better!! Thanks

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