Nature-Throid Natural Desiccated Thyroid Announces Back-Order, Anticipates Availability in 90 Days

From Mary Shomon

RLC Labs, the manufacturer of the natural desiccated thyroid drugs Nature-Throid and Westhroid, announced today that their products are currently on back-order. In recent months, shortages of Armour Thyroid during their reformulation caused a large increase in demand for Nature-Throid and Westhroid (which are identical products). After patients reported problems with the reformulated Armour, and many experienced worsening symptoms, an additional demand was put on RLC as patients were switching from Armour Thyroid to Nature-throid and Westhroid. RLC has attempted to ramp up production, but a shortage of raw materials — the “Thyroid USP” desiccated powder that is the main active ingredient — has prevented the company from being able to meet the demand of its customer base, plus the addition of many patients who were formerly on Armour Thyroid.

According to company owner Rick Cox, with regarding to getting more natural desiccated thyroid drugs to market, “We are doing everything we can to move as quickly as we can, safely, to make it happen.” According to Cox, the company is estimating that they will have product availability within 90 days.



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8 responses to “Nature-Throid Natural Desiccated Thyroid Announces Back-Order, Anticipates Availability in 90 Days

  1. Pam

    New Armour Thyroid formulation isn’t working at all. My system is shutting down in response. Looking for Old Armour to survive. Any suggestions?

  2. Robbie

    I found a compounding pharmacy.

    I want to make you, and others aware of these folks because they are just wonderful to deal, their pharmacy is totally hygienic, state of the art,(I went to see it to pick up my first batch), efficient, and they will ship anywhere in the USA via USPS Priority Mail. They will also help international patients find a compounding pharmacy in their neck of the woods.

    They were aware of the problem with Amour, worked with me, and my doctor, taking all of my concerns about fillers seriously and professionally.

    They are able to work with patients in regard to their concerns to reactions to fillers and excipients, by using non-reactive ingredients.

    They provided me with desiccated Thyroid, T3 and T4 using microchrystaline wax, rather than cornstarch.

    I feel they are a great resource for Amour Thyroid users. Here is their contact information:

    Compounding Rx Apothecary
    81 Lancaster Avenue,
    Malvern, PA 19355

    Contact: Eric Fox, Pharmacist
    (He’s also the owner)

  3. Lisa Fields

    you mention the website: however it seems it no longer exists…do you have any current info about the Canadian company as a source for natural thyroid?

  4. I found a drugs in phoenix az tatum drugs 480-473-9746 provide nature thyroid. Thank god after the armour thyroid was taken of the market. They are a compound pharmacy I was grateful I walked into pharmacy asked them if provide thyroid. so able to continue my medication.

  5. Natural Thyroid has been used successfully for more than 100 years, and natural desiccated thyroid is superior to T4-only medications such as Synthroid and Levothyroxine. However, in spite its obvious clinical superiority, Endocrinology Societies such as the ATA have published guidelines advising doctors to stay away from natural thyroid.

    Over the years, they have used a variety of reasons. The latest reason is that there are no controlled trials. This has changed, as a new controlled trial was just published in the May 2013 Journal of Endocrinology by endocrinologists at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland

    for more:

    jeffrey dach md

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