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Starting a Petition!!!

In the next few days I will be starting a petition regarding Synthroid.  I also will be starting another petition regarding Armour, Nature-throid.  Things are getting kind of scary for us thyroid sufferers.  The FDA and government need to hear us!!!!!  Send letters and sign petitions!!!!  As soon as I have them up I will post!


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So Many Sick Friends….

I have so many friends that feel sick just on Synthroid.  I have some friends that have switched from Synthroid  to Armour and were doing fine, but now feel horrible.  They feel bad because the makers of Armour…Forest Pharmaceuticals reformulated the mdeicine with no warning.  Now they have a ton of complaints that the medicine is no longer working.  They also claim that a main ingredient of the medicine is on backorder.  What is the truth here?  These people have now switched from Armour to Naturethroid.  They started feeling better but now Naturethroid is on backorder!  A consiracy?  Who knows.  People please write these companies and tell them of your complaints.  They need to hear us.  They have bought our doctors.  Please speak up.

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Hypothyroid Medicine Concerns….

I am at the point of hating hypothyroidism.  I get to the point where I am brave enough to try Armour or Naturethroid…and all of a sudden everything is on backorder.  I seriously believe the Armour reformulation is a scam and a conspiracy.  The FDA, government, doctors, and pharmacists want us all to switch to T4 only meds…Synthroid.  Lets be honest.  How many of us actually feel well on Synthroid.  I have been on it for at least 3 years and have not felt good…ever.  Why switch Armour if it was working for so many.  Hell, there was website dedicated to Armour and natural thyroid meds.  Its depressing how we as patients are being treated.  Naturethroid is now on backorder.  This is not fair at all.  There are now thousands of people being bounced between medicines.  These people are feeling miserable.  I feel for them because they tasted what it felt like to feel well.  Please complain to all the companies involved, the FDA and any doctors or pharmacies.  Tell them your concerns.  My true thought here is that the government and the drug companies want us on T4/Synthroid.  The reason for this is becuase if we are on Synthroid or T4 only meds..well we are probably feeling anxiety, depression and other things.  If we are having these feelings then the doctor can then prescribe depression medicine as well as anti-anxiety medicines.  Score for the companies.  They will make more money off of us at the expense of our well-being.  The government wins because they have a bunch of drugged-up people who will not complain no matter what the government does.

Think about it people…its scary!  Fight for your rights because we are losing them slowly.


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